Best Rosin Press Under $500

What Are Important Features of Rosin Presses?

It can be tough to determine how much to spend on a rosin press. Especially when the price can vary so much. That’s why we put together a list to help you determine the best rosin press under $500 dollars.


When you’re evaluating a rosin press, it can help to simplify things. There are three important requirements when making rosin.

The first is heat. In regards to heat, more isn’t necessarily better, and there’s a fine balance between heat and pressure.

The heat enables the extraction of rosin from the flower (or kief, or hash, depending on your preference). However, too much heat means that you will likely be degrading the terpenes from cannabis, which isn’t ideal.

Typically if you’re pressing the flower, the suggested heat is between 210F and 230F. This allows for rosin extraction while minimizing terpene degradation.

Of course, heat isn’t a standalone factor and these recommendations rely on following the proper time and pressure guidelines.


There are a ton of variables that affect the “optimal” pressure including, material (kief, flower, hash), surface area, and heat. This makes it difficult to provide a blanket statement regarding the best pressure to use.

The flower requires more pressure than kief or hash.

However, this article isn’t about figuring out what the optimal pressure is for rosin pressing, it’s about figuring out which press is the best bang for your buck.

From that lens, the thing to think about it what kind of pressure “options” does our rosin press provides us with. If theoretically, we have full control and customization over the pressure, we can determine what amount is optimal.

Manual rosin presses are pressed by hand, not requiring an air compressor. They can be great for hobbyists because they’re typically lower cost and portable. The trade-off here is partially the manual effort you have to put in, but more-so about capacity. Due to their manual nature, they can’t make as much rosin in one go as compared to other options.

Pneumatic presses use air compressors to provide more pressure with less effort. This can be a nice balance between a manual press, and the increased cost of an electric press.

Electric presses, similarly to pneumatic presses, don’t require manual pressure. The added bonus to using an electric press is that there’s no need for external pumps or compressors.


Most rosin presses in this day and age will have a digital timer so you can “set it and forget it”. However, if you purchased on without, it’s pretty easy to set a timer. Ultimately the “time” part of the rosin press equation, shouldn’t impact our buying decision much, it’s more likely we’ll focus on heat and pressure.

Best Rosin Press Under $500

We’ve tried to compile our favorite presses for under $500. There are of course better rosin presses out there, however, you can still find a good press at an affordable price.

Runners up

MyPress Gen 2

The MyPress Gen 2 is small and portable. At 13 pounds you can feel it was built to last. The MyPRess Gen 2 can exert a whopping 6 tons of pressure and comes with a digital timer and adjustable temperature control.

MyPress Gen 2
  • 11 inches tall, 13 pounds
  • Hot rolled steel frame, stainless steel plates
  • Cooling Vents
  • Manual press
  • 6 tons of pressure
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Digital timer 

Rosin Tech Twist

The Rosin Tech Twist is another great option when considering the best rosin press under 500 dollars. It exerts a solid 2.5 tons of pressure and has an automatic timer for consistent press lengths. The precision temperature gauge helps ensure even heat distribution across the plates.

One thing to consider depending on your preference is that this is a heavy model. It’s almost 12 inches high and weighs about 35lbs.

Rosin Tech Twist

DabPress 6 Ton Personal

The DabPress 6 Ton Personal packs a whopping 6 tons of pressure in this tiny frame. It’s a hydraulic press which is nice to find at this price point. Also, the thermocouple and heated rods help provide consistent heating.

This is a heavier model weighing in at 40lbs.

DabPress 6 Ton Personal

Best Rosin Press Under $500

NugSmasher Mini

This rosin press has 2 tons of pressure and 2.5 inch pressing plates. It can handle pressing up to 3.5g of flower. Reviews are positive across the board with people pressing 3.5g without issue. Detailed specs below.

Image result for nugsmasher mini
  • Heats up fast
  • Large 2.5″ Smash Plates
  • Dual Heating Elements (70W ea)
  • Accurate Temperature Control
  • Fast Retract Plate Release
  • Manual Pump Arm
  • Guaranteed for Life

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